Activities of the Serbian Co-operative Alliance

The Serbian Co-operative Alliance (SCA) serves Serbia’s farming co-operatives by advocating their interests, promoting their development, and encouraging co-operation between them.

  • The SCA’s Assembly, Board of Governors, Supervisory Board, working parties, and Secretariat manage the SCA.
  • The SCA works with co-operatives and provincial and district co-operative alliances.
  • We collaborate with agribusinesses, wholesalers and retailers, banks, funds, research and development organisations, schools and universities, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and line ministries, and serve on government bodies and working parties.
  • We work with housing, consumers’, saving and loan, and youth and students’ co-operatives to promote the co-operative movement and achieve co-operative goals.
  • We work with government bodies and authorities to address issues in agriculture and co-operative farming.


Delatnost Zadružnog saveza SrbijeTo achieve its objectives, the SCA is empowered by law to establish co-operative enterprises, savings institutions, agencies, exchanges, and other entities.

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