Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to help co-operatives, their members, and all farmers interested in joining. Here you will find answers to questions, dilemmas, and issues related to being part of a co-operative.

What are the requirements for setting up a farming co-operative?

According to Articles 9 to 14 of the Co-operatives Law (Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Nos. 41/96 and 12/98) and other legislation (Art. 46 of the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro and Art. 56 of the Law Amending the Law on Fines for Business Offences and Misdemeanours), establishing a farming co-operative requires:

  1. At least 10 farmers sharing an interest in establishing a farming co-operative;
  2. Convening a founding assembly of the farming co-operative;
  3. Adopting byelaws of the farming co-operative, namely:
    – Agreement establishing the farming co-operative; and
    – Rules of the farming co-operative;
  4. Electing management of the farming co-operative, comprised of:
    – Board of Governors;
    – Supervisory Board; and
    – Managing Director;
  5. Registration with the Business Registers Agency.

A farming co-operative formally becomes a legal person once it is registered with the Business Registers Agency, at which point it may commence operations.

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