What we do

  • The Cooperative Union of Serbia helps co-operatives become established and achieve their goals, including by assisting them with drafting byelaws and other documents they need to get formally recognized by the Serbian Business Registries Agency.
  • We speak for co-operatives and provincial and district alliances in contacts with the government.
  • We take part in drafting laws and policies related to agricultural and food production and co-operative association, with particular emphasis on the farming sector, in collaboration with provincial and district alliances.
  • We take part in the adoption of business and agricultural policies, assess their impact on agribusiness trends, and evaluate their effects on co-operatives and development of the co-operative sector. We also follow monetary policy, price trends, investment and lending policies, and tax policy and work with provincial and district alliances to develop recommendations for particular categories of produce.
  • We use our powers to safeguard co-operatives from the monopolies of manufacturers that use agricultural raw materials.
  • We help co-operative members engage and work with financial organisations.
  • We assess the performance of farming co-operatives and help them restructure their operations.
  • We dispose of assets remaining after co-operative founders cease to operate.
  • We research organisational issues and socio-economic relationships in co-operatives.
  • We help co-operatives introduce shared business functions and establish firms that will bring their products to markets, banks, savings and loan institutions, and other units.
  • We organise competitions for co-operatives and their members intended to promote greater farming yields.
  • We work with schools and universities to develop curricula that will ensure agribusinesses and co-operatives have access to a trained workforce.
  • We organise workshops, conferences, and seminars to discuss key issues in agriculture and co-operative organisation.
  • We hold Co-operative Congresses once every four years.
  • We publish literature and disseminate information about the co-operative movement.
  • We work with co-operatives to organise fairs, exhibitions, and other events to showcase the accomplishments of co-operative members, farmers, and co-operatives.
  • We give out awards to recognise achievements by co-operatives and their members and officers.
  • We engage with our members to help them pursue their objectives and safeguard their interests.
  • The Cooperative Union of Serbia seeks to accomplish its objectives by working with its members either directly or through the various bodies of other co-operative alliances, as well as by co-operating with agricultural organisations and government authorities.
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